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***If you don't know your birth time, generate 4 charts on your birthday @ 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, & 18:00. Take note of the differences (if any). Precise birth time is ideal but not necessary to benefit from Human Design. You can always call the hospital you were born in and ask.

This system uses the moment of your birth to gather information on the activation of your genetic code based off patterns observed in the natural world, above and below.

If you’ve ever felt misunderstood or like something was missing in life, Human Design is here to shed light on exactly why and what your next steps are.

Human design brings the best of Astrology, IChing, The Kabbalah, and the Chakras to provide us with the most advanced and precise system of self discovery. It provides us with a clear visual representation of what is happening on a non-physical level and how that translates into daily life.

Imagine what would be possible if you understood exactly what gifts nature bestowed upon you! Each of us has a unique energetic circuitry that is determined at the time of our birth. There is no changing it, and nearly all humanity has been conditioned to live their life without considering their true nature.

Unraveling that condition starts with discovering the information in your body-graph.

All you have to do is enter your birth information in the fields below to begin your journey with human design.

Reports and Live Readings are available and recommended for those who want to embody all of their gifts.

The reports include a breakdown of your unique circuity as well as describing your Strategy and Authority, which is the foundation of this system.

Live readings are for those who wish to cut years off the learning curve and are ready to fully embrace their human design!

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Human Design is becoming more popular by the minute.

Thousands of people are seeing their body graph for the first time and seeking guidance

in understanding and applying the knowledge.

There are many people offering Human Design Readings...

But non offering Reflections.

I am a 3/5 Reflector in human design which

may as well be a holographic Charizard.

I represent 1% of the population and have a

unique ability to be a crystal clear mirror for you.

Prior to Human Design, I spent over a decade studying

Reiki, martial arts, biomechanics, music and

healing through immersions & retreats.

I may be the best and only person in the world

that can genuinely give you objective reflections

on how to activate your Human Design

and truly be yourself.

Go ahead and set up a session,

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have to ask my compassionate

ass for a refund.

You're not here by accident after all...

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Human Design Services

Human Design Shirts?!

As if breaking free from your conditioning and aligning with your natural energetic field wasn't cool enough, you can now wear human design on a t-shirt or hoodie!

Choose between wearing your authority, aura type, or custom body-graph, hand drawn by Marcos beloved, Emerald.

Eev0lveE Human Design

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There are individuals from all over the world chatting in discord RIGHT NOW! Join the conversation and take your education to the next level through connection and community.

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EevolveE Human Design

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Train like nature intended

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The Archive is full of classes

that have helped hundreds of our friends rebuild and refine their walking, running, and throwing mechanics.

These fundamental movements remained at a consistently high value through our history as humans. Nature rewarded the best walkers, runners and throwers on the planet with resources, family, influence, and health.

Until the modern era...

Driving, smartphones, and desk jobs have completely robbed us of the natural mechanics that make us feel human. These novelties have stolen the spotlight from our biology and further buried

the trauma that is held within our tissue.

While there is value in these activities,

forgetting the movements that our ancestors

relied on is pure


The Archive contains the keys to unlock your humanness.

No matter where you're at with your body,

With practice and awareness

You will reclaim your body

and all the superpowers