Embody Your Human Design

Manifest your TRUE Self

Why should I purchase a custom report?

Save yourself hours of research, thousands of dollars, and loads of confusion

Finding information on Human Design is easy online, but not all of it is

grounded, helpful, or easy to understand.

With my reports, you'll get concise, practical insights with

relatable examples and practices to embody this wisdom.

Applying Human Design to your life is different than simply learning about it.

My reports have been designed specifically with this in mind.

Below this text you'll see a second body-graph Generator...

Why are there two body-graph generators?

We're currently testing the VERY exciting new feature from Neutrino Design,

A report generator with IMMENSE capabilities!

The body-graph generator above is Neutrino,

which the one I recommend you purchase.

Its more a more detailed report and contains information that the

old generator does not include

The one below this is the OLD Generator

Here as a backup!

This old body-graph generator will be

available only until testing for Neutrino is complete.

* if you're unable to purchase your report, open "reikimarco.com" in a different browser. (browsers linked from Tiktok/Ig sometimes won't allow this unfortunately)

** If you can't find your "Place of birth" in the section above, just choose a city nearby, as long as it doesn't cross time zones, it will not affect your chart.

***If you don't know your birth time, generate 4 charts on your birthday @ 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, & 18:00. Take note of the differences (if any).

Precise birth time is ideal but not necessary to benefit from Human Design. You can always call the hospital you were born in and ask.

****f you bought a report and were unable to download it please email me at "[email protected]"

Human Design Shirts?!

As if breaking free from your conditioning and aligning with your natural energetic field wasn't cool enough, you can now wear human design on a t-shirt or hoodie!

Choose between wearing your authority, aura type, or custom body-graph, hand drawn by Marcos beloved, Emerald.

Work 1 on 1 with Marco

Human Design is becoming more popular by the minute.

Thousands of people are seeing their body graph for the first time and

seeking help with understanding and applying the knowledge.

There are many people offering

Human Design Analysis & Readings...

But none offering Reflections.

As a Reflector in Human Design, I am able to

do something incredibly special.

I represent 1% of the population and have the design

of a crystal clear mirror.

I may be the only person in the world

that can genuinely give you objective reflections

on how to activate your Human Design

and truly be yourself.

Prior to Human Design, I spent over a decade studying

Reiki, martial arts, biomechanics, music and

healing through immersions & retreats.

I got you.

What is Human Design?

The Science of Differentiation

Human Design combines Astrology, IChing, The Kabbalah, The Chakras and modern science

giving us the most advanced and precise system of self discovery ever held by modern man.

Its more than a personality test,

Its a genuine look at whats under the hood

and what subtle energetic circuits

make you,


With the proper guidance, one can use Human Design much like an explorer uses a

compass and a map to find their way in unfamiliar lands.

The great work of Human Design is to give humanity a means of surrendering

to the Form (physical body).

Through experimentation and observation of ones conditioning,

Individuals are able to accept and fully harness their potential.

This work is necessary for future generations to be successful.

Below are some resources for you in addition to Custom Reports & 1 on 1 Sessions.

Our Favorite Human Design App

Eev0lveE Community

Looking for your Human Design Soul Family?

Get familiar with the lingo, ask questions, share experiences, and connect with Human Design Enthusiasts from all around the world in our unique online community.

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The Archive

Functional Training Membership

The Archive is a virtual vault of True Movement Fundamentals

Bio Mechanics

The practice of refining the fundamental patterns; walking running and throwing, to optimize efficiency, integrity, and fluidity.

Sensory Mechanics

The active improvement of receiving, processing, and expressing sensation.

Strengthening the 5 base senses and opening up peripheral sensitivity.

Soft Tissue

Mayo fascial release sequences that melt away tension and trauma.

Reclaiming tissue to be recruited for fundamental movement.


The ultimate expression of movement is dance.

Working with staves, swords, nunchuck, and other weapons opens up a dance between

yourself and an object in space.

For those who are ready to truly feel an unleashed physical form.