Reiki Session

Relax. It is the foundation of your healing.

Breathe. You are capable of miracles.

Through subtle laying of the hands, Reiki will be intentionally channeled by your practitioner throughout the session. Light/medium touching depending on your needs and preferences.

Sessions begin with identifying your intensions and entering into a space where the healing vibration of reiki may flow. By channeling reiki, your healer maintains the integrity of this space while you drop into the full experience of healing. This healing method has a multitude of treasures for you. Simply by lowering stress on the mind and body, a barrage of healing mechanisms are allowed to ignite into motion, put to work through our intentions and breath.

$222 per session

Receive an Energy Healing Session

I am flexible with my price given appropriate circumstance.

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Courses and Atunements

For those seeking with their heart to channel Reiki, for themselves and possibly others, a master will appear.

Students receive initiation into the Usui lineage of Reiki along with a private archive of wisdom carefully designed to shed light on all qualities of importance in my own awakening experience.

Reiki 1 course

This course covers the who, what, when, how, why, and every other questions concerning Reiki. Learning to channel reiki for yourself lays the foundation of your journey. Meditation and other subtle body practices help develop sensitivity to reiki in its infinite expressions.

A formal and ceremonial atunement is given to each student at the end of their course awakening the endless well of reiki within their own being. They are welcomed into this lineage of light through the teachings of Mikao Usui and his students.

A minimum of 28 days is traditionally observed between the first and second reiki atunements. This give the energy time to invigorate you. After the atunement, each person experiences a “waking up” of sorts. As your partner on this journey, I remain open to guide and enlighten when appropriate.


Heal yourself

Reiki 2 course

Now begins the rewarding and wholesome work of healing others.

In this course, the reiki symbols are revealed to the student along with the basic hand positions used during a reiki healing session. Building on the foundation laid in the first reiki course, Reiki 2 expands on self love with the introduction of other peoples energies.

Another formal atunement is given at the end of this course opening up the initiates hands and heart to channel reiki for others.

For us all, the path is unique. Yet we are brought together under an expanse of circumstances. Be aware of your self. You will know when you are ready.


Become a healer

Reiki Master apprenticeship

Anyone seeking atunement into my lineage of masters is invited to study directly with me.

Reiki Teacher apprenticeship

Similar to the master apprenticeship, the prospective teacher is worked with closely and given the final atunement when spirit commands.

Develop your Intuition


Your inner knowings.

The ability to receive wisdom from beyond our own consciousness is real.

At the core of our being is connection to all the accumulated wisdom of our kind. Understanding how to access this archive of knowledge has been the pillar of my studies for the last five years.

I offer the very best of my studies to you, to start you on the journey of awakening and offer insight along the way. Together we will dive into meditation, energy healing, channeling reiki, yoga, qi gong, transformational breath work,  astrology, subtle body building, astral projection, universal laws, attraction and much more!

Connect with me personally


There is no expression I hold more fondly than music. In addition to incorporating my love for music into sessions, I offer it as an accompaniment to a variety of activities such as group healings, yoga classes, and workshops.

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