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Private/Group Sessions

Reiki brings harmony to the mind, body and emotion through connection with pure source energy. Relax, allow your body to heal, Give your mind a breather, fully feel your emotions, receive spiritual perspective on the challenges you face in life. Come back into alignment with your highest and best self.

Sliding scale $150-$333

Reiki Circle

Let us now come together to explore the magic of Reiki. This workshop intends to allow for all those present to experience the power of a guided Reiki self healing treatment. Upon completion of the self healing, we then merge our fields to share that fullness with the collective in a variety of different formats, each catering to the circles needs. We may join hands and circulate the energy. We may gather our healing and direct it towards a single/select few in the group. We may break into groups and administer treatments to each other in a rotation or healing.

An additional intention of mine is to discover people who would like to learn Reiki and facilitate regular circles within their community. Learn how to facilitate a Reiki Circle in my Reiki Mastery course.

Suggested donations $11-$55 per person


All of my services, private/group session, reiki circles, mens work, and music, I am able to offer at gatherings. I have a sound experience sharing these offerings at the most incredible events in the country including Lightning in a Bottle, Oregon Eclipse, Sacred sons, and more. If you have a retreat or gathering that you would like to collaborate on or have me present at, please feel free to reach out and get the conversation rolling!


Welcome initiate…I invite you to begin, or continue, your Reiki journey with me.

Reiki 1 “The art of Self Healing”

This course covers the who, what, when, how, why, and every other questions concerning Reiki. Learning to channel reiki for yourself lays the foundation of your journey. Meditation and other subtle body practices help develop sensitivity to reiki in its infinite expressions.

A formal and ceremonial atunement is given to each student at the end of their course awakening the endless well of reiki within their own being. They are welcomed into this lineage of light through the teachings of Mikao Usui and his students.

A minimum of 21 days is traditionally observed between the first and second reiki atunements. This give the energy time to invigorate you. After the atunement, each person experiences a “waking up” of sorts. As your partner on this journey, I remain open to guide and enlighten when appropriate.


Reiki 2 “Practitioner”

Now begins the rewarding and wholesome work of healing others.

In this course, the reiki symbols are revealed to the student along with the basic hand positions used during a reiki healing session. Building on the foundation laid in the first reiki course, Reiki 2 expands on self care with the introduction of sharing reiki with others. We also dive into the dynamics of building a practice.

Another formal attunement is given at the end of this course which open the initiates hand chakra and awaken deeper awareness in the heart center in order channel reiki into others safely.


Reiki 3 “Master”

Step into your power. The title of master does not come easily. Stepping into this role means a complete reflection of your self healing work up to this point. Initiates into the role of master are anchors of the reiki vibration here on earth, which is a life long commitment to service. In this course you will receive the master attunement, learn the master symbol and how to facilitate community events along with a handful of powerful new healing techniques to integrate into your practice.

This is where you step fully into your Self. Full surrender.


Reiki 4 “Teacher”

It is my dream to teach teachers. For someone to take it upon themselves to further spread the magic that is Reiki.

Teaching is much more than a course outline. It’s an ability to educate and inspire those around you and initiate them into our lineage. This course dives deeply into the Teacher Student relations, as that is the heart of being a teacher. The initiate is given the final atunement and instructed on how to perform a Reiki atunement.


Reiki Immersion Program

Invite me into your world. Literally, into your home. Or at least close enough by that you cant get away from me! Let me bring Reiki to the heart of your lifestyle and purify the space so that you can experience lasting and evolving peace. Each program is unique and designed to meet you, wherever you’re at, perfectly. Programs typically include, daily morning Reiki sessions, home/office smudging, spiritual coaching, and discounted sessions for those in your life you want to share this gift with.

minimum $1111 for 3 days (+ travel, food, lodging)

Other offerings

Sacred Sons

Co-stewarding the return of the father archetype to this planet through men’s gatherings, circles, and trainings.

Healthy masculinity was never taught to us, so now it’s time.

Drawing upon ancient wisdom and modern technologies of human development, we utilize the power of ceremony, ritual, and intentional spaces to deepen into authentic brotherhood and catalyze growth in men. Through time tested frameworks and psychological processes we guide men to their emotional and spiritual edges so that every man who shows up and does the inner work will one day feel the full depth and breadth of their emotions, find and honor their purpose in life, and commit to embodying their truth.

We are committed to building alchemical spaces for men to be witnessed, heard, and accepted so they ignite their inner fire and show up fully present to life.

Visit to learn more about our Spring Convergence and the online Embodied Masculine Course.

Tarot Card reading

Gain insight into your life or in any particular area that you’re looking for more clarity through a personal Tarot card reading.

A basic readings consist of 3 cards, past, present, and future. I also offer a 6 card reading which takes the 3 card reading a layer deeper, the additional 3 cards adding more insight and context to the original set. I interpret the cards and record the reading live which is then emailed to you for download. You will be able to keep the video forever to reference should you ever feel called.

3 card reading $20

6 card reading $30

Live music

In addition to hands on healing, I infuse all of my music with reiki from songwriting to recording to production to performance. It is a great joy of mine to be able to share musical medicine with audiences of all ages at various gatherings and venues. My main instruments are Guitar, voice, Handpan and Didgeridoo. I also have a handful of flutes, chimes, shakers, drums, and software instruments.

Handpan Lesson

I Love handpan. with a capital L. If you love them as much as I do, you’ll know how much energy goes into crafting and playing one. I would like to share with you the musical Atunement I have cultivated through endless hours of practice and performance.

$100 for 1 hour in person or virtually

Personal Affirmation/Manifestation Audio Transmission

What is it you need affirmation of?

What is it you wish to manifest?

Let’s get clear. I will coach you through the process of creating your own affirmation/manifestation contract until simply reading it fills you with power. We then record your own voice speaking life to the words and back it up with an array of healing frequencies and sacred instruments to deepen the impact. At the end of the process, you are left with a potent and accessible portal to your absolute highest and best good.

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