My story

My healing journey began in the spring semester of 2012 with a descent into madness, the likes of which are plaguing so many in this 21st century.

Questions like, “Who am I? & What is my purpose?” carried such weight that it became physically painful to exist. My mind became a torturous prison. Every ounce of energy spiraled down a drain that led hopelessly nowhere. My faith was weak. My self image grotesque, as my very existence felt shackled in the shadow of a subtle slavery imposed over generations with absolute power. The food was poison, the medicine was also poison, education was making us complacent and dull, our planet suffered for the ambition of man was such that the world is certainly doomed.

I am doomed.

That descent led to a halt in my formal education which created the space for my first reiki healing. After moving home, my mother arranged a Reiki treatment with my Teacher, Marissa. I experienced a breath with such vivid brilliance that my entire episode in college seemed life a distant past life. I know that bliss currently as an-shin ritsu-mei.

“We humans are given life and a mission from the universe. When it gives us life and a mission, it can never impose illness or misfortune on us. Regardless of what happens in life, we should trust the Universe and keep a peacful mind state in order to accomplish our mission. This is the purpose and meaning of life.” -Usui Sensei

[aka :: enlightenment, inner peace, christ consciousness, nirvana, purpose driven life, etc.)

There are many names and yet the feeling is unmistakeable.

True inner peace is possible. Even in this apocalyptic atmosphere.

I saw that in this promise, was a path to be walked. I studied under my teacher Marisa who initiated me into Usui Sensei’s lineage and educated me in the ways of Reiki in the West.

I forever a student and in claiming the title of Reiki Master, I acknowledge that my ability to be clear and channel pure universal Reiki deserves the true glory.

In this way, I express my desire to further de-centralize this healing method. We all have the ability to experience your our own internal Reiki and unite it with the universe. It is through sharpening this skill that all healing is permitted.

My personal style is heavily rooted in reflection through various media, mainly being sound, writing, photography, and videography. I find reasons to practice reiki countless times during the day and enjoy an healthy balance of eclectic literature and virtual portals provided by the internet.

I am happy to work with anyone with desire, an open mind, and the will to apply themselves.

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