This whole weekend has been pure magic, its a testament to spirits orchestration of this entire endeavor for the beauty emerging, the brotherly love, the real world alliances, everything is so far beyond any one humans ability to plan. 

The mix of men that arrived carried with them no trepidation. They all knew why there were here.

The process of becoming a better man is littered with mental bends that exude an aura of intimidation, and rightly so, surrendering ego to the will of spirit is full of gut wrenching, tear jerking, sound barrier breaking screaming, shadow facing cathartic experiences. On top of that, being witnessed in all THAT brings up primal fears and insecurities  around safety, shame, and judgment, to name a few.

As the men arrived, all the fear was present, but so was a more present feeling, which I have observed and come to know as simple courage. These men have no choice. Many of them have been looking for this. They’ve been hungry for a tribe that vibes with them at their core. This is something, as I mentioned in my last post, that is cultivated within our circle of leadership.

This is so much more than business. The brothers I co facilitate with are my best friends. They are among the most inspiring and powerful men I know. On top of that, they are the kind, authentic, wise, and so many more adjectives that I won’t stuff this post with. The one thing that stands out to me, as it has gained a high degree of importance in my life recently, is their ability to celebrate the work.

The title of this post is lineage because of an experience that emerged after we had closed the retreat for the evening and released the men to their own schedule. Post dinner, outside in the gentle rain, under the poolside gazebo, Neil’s curiosity led the ten or so present men into a reflection that took them ten years into the past.

Where were you a decade ago?

What were you doing?

How would you feel about sacred sons at that time?

I was 16.

Making the motions through high school, bored, uninspired, and day dreaming about a life of wizards, dragons, and magic. Real magic.

I recall an afternoon that I spent on the rocks outside of the school building playing guitar thinking to myself, “is this really it?”

I  was thinking about how incredible it would be to just play music, travel, and be surrounded by beautiful and powerful people.

I would have jumped on sacred sons, in a heart beat.

As the men went around and shared their age minus ten years, shared their where, and if they’d be open to mens work, I dropped a layer deeper into the reality of whats happening here. Many of them spoke to the birth of a child, or a deep wound and their way of coping, sometimes both.

A lineage is defined as a lineal descent from an ancestor, ancestry, or pedigree. There are many lineages converging this weekend. We have brothers from all ethnic backgrounds, some from the other side of the country, even a brother from Amsterdam. The unique mix of these men stepping into this space and bringing with them the genetically coded experiences of not only their physiology but that of their ancestors, is serving to forge this new lineage. 

The lineage of the Sacred Sons.

As each man shared, a vortex of reflection and expression began to churn under our feet, and upon the last mans share, the portal was fully opened.

What happened next I can only describe as a dream come true.

I found myself in the kitchen rolling up a joint with my last paper when the steady flow of my brothers outside crept in through the opening in the sliding glass doors. Matt and Adam were viciously entrenched in a Liquid Swords verse. Needless to say, I twisted up that paper swiftly and sprinted outside to join the brothers with my arm in the sound hole of my cajon.

I jumped right in. Listening, feeling for the pocket which soon became a full driver of my body. I was shaking, and when I allowed my hands to slap the cajon, the beats that emerged were unlike anything I have ever produced before. The fluidness of the space invited other brothers to share their own verses and poetry, trusting that I would again be able to find the beat and ride it out with them until the end. Which is exactly what happened. Over and over again.

Men who would have never shared their voice otherwise had an opportunity to share. And thus a pillar of the Sacred Sons lineage is revealed. 

Sacred Sons Cypher Sessions.

The men stuck around as long as they physically could, the weight of the days work wearing heavy on the physical body and yet the spirit drove them to remain present not just to support the brother who had the floor, not just to hear the message, but to soak in the magic of the experience itself.

As sleep eventually claimed all my brothers I was left with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude to be channeling the heartbeat of that session. It felt like a great gift to be sitting on that cajon. It also felt like a beautiful offering to my bros.

A few hours prior, they held space for me, listening to my latest song “into the wild” which was my check-out of the evening.

Into the wild by cocobones (acoustic)

It would be a lie to say I am at a loss for words. I obviously have words to share. And yet, you really just had to be there.

Which brings me to the invitation.

Brothers, join us.

Let us bear witness to you reclaiming your freedom, your expression, your compassion and understanding.

Rise with us.

To the height of human potential.

Descend with us,

Into the depth of hell.

For we know that the road home is not straight,

The many twists and turns, intersections and obstacles 

Are simply invitations,

To walk with each other 

All the way home.

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