Were in the pre launch phase of this embodied masculine experience, our event here in Arizona. Most of the staff arrived last night here in Gilbert. This morning the ball is rolling at a natural and mellow pace. Jason is preparing a landing page to share our Maui EMX happening in march while Devin and Sebastian slice up Tempe and Chanterelle mushrooms for lunch. Aubert is channeling our message for social media while letting his inner child out on the djembe at leisure. Meanwhile Adam is catching up on some much needed rest in order to be fully present when men arrive this afternoon. Neil and Kevin are out running errands, specifically, gathering carpets for us to use in our sacred container for this weekend, of which we have dubbed, the FORGE.

Each of the brothers here brings their own magic. The simple fact is, that as a team, there’s nothing we can’t do. We’re ants working for the good of the colony. We arrive early, to occupy this foreign space in order to align the energy here in an appropriate way to receive the men, some of whom are flying across the country to be with us this weekend. And while a handful of the men are returning sons, there are lone wolfs who hear our call and are making their way back to the pack.

It was a pleasure, this morning, to witness my brother staffs casually processing some fiery energy. In so many ways, the work we do as the inner circle, is the work we share with the world. The resonance we carry within us is a simple yet potent, “I am not alone.” I think it is this simple code that so many men admire and wish to awaken within themselves.

Thus the voice of brotherhood is being filled by a band of superheros, each in their own rite, coming together to push the edge of sacred masculinity to include and transcend everything that has come before. This new era is one that is inclusive of all the atrocity and toxicity, simply because we are more than that. We are the expansive love that can unconditionally hold anything any man is carrying. We, as a collective, staff and sons, allow the man who is ready an opportunity to be met. Sometimes that means being challenged physically. Sometimes it means being pushed mentally. Sometimes it means giving the man a space to just melt into the support of strangers turned into family by the shared experience.

Whats so beautiful about all this is that we couldn’t do “the work” without the brothers bringing “their shit.” And to reiterate, it is doing our own work, as a brotherhood, diving into our own shit and shadow, that call Sacred sons from around the world to meet us, to be met, finally.

I am grateful for the opportunity to witness and document this brilliant unraveling that is Sacred Sons.

In addition to this being our first offering in Arizona, it is also our first EMX outside our bubble of Southern California.

The band is going on tour in other words.

The medicine has us by the hand, and where it leads us, I trust.

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