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We’re in Gilbert, at a compound about half an Arce in size with a rustic yet modern feel. It’s the night before the men arrive and a deep sense of calm and belonging is already wafting through the air. Tomorrow we will be joined by 20 men from all around the country flying in from as far as the east coast to spend the weekend “doing the work”

And seeing as this is my first time really speaking about sacred sons, I figured it would be appropriate to contextualize the group as a whole and catalog their offerings from my own perspective.

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The primary offering at sacred sons, to me, is simple.

We share the cup of brotherhood.

The cup comes in many forms.

The first cup took the shape of an 80 man gathering in the high deserts of Jacumba at a retreat center called liberty Arising. We spent Friday to Sunday drinking drop from the cup. There were workshops from West African drumming, to Reiki circle, to tantra and sacred sexuality, to setting boundaries along with Sweat lodge, Kambo and cacao driven ecstatic dance. And while all of these experienced served the men well, the headliner of this even was the shadow work.

Theres something magical about one man stepping into the center of a circle of men to confront his own shadow. We all have darkness. And even equipped with a spiritual practice, there are some things that can only be processed through the tribal presence of brotherhood.

It looks different for every men.

And although it’s a highly personal experience, every man gets something, out of every process. Even if it’s not entirely clear. Theres a profound transformation taking place collectively. And as each men steps forward to meet their shadow, many of them for the first time with such a profound level of clarity, the cup is drought by us all. 

This experience is an exercise in listening. Holding a space where men can come together and discover themselves without the noise generated by the life they’ve consciously and unconsciously created. 

Our mission is to co steward the return of the father archetype on this planet. Which means deep listening.

The more deeply we listen, the more confidence we cultivate in the inner guidance we’re given. What this looks like is a lot of conscious breathing followed by holding the silence to allow for inspiration not only to bubble to the surface, but to be acted upon.

All men have that inspiration, for we are all connected to source, and yet the cause of so much suffering and frustration is the impotence of this simple practice of listening.

I needn’t delve into how distorted reality is in 2019, however I would like to comment on how clear things are becoming as a result of that distortion. 

There is a need for this work, it’s plain and simple, and without the “obstacle” of lack of presence, lack of listening, we would not have the high honor of holding this space for the father archetype to return.

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