Pre post…

Ive got a numbering system going on here. It’s pretty simple.

The place followed by the episode of my tour/field trip and the chapter of that episode.

This marks the second entry of my first visit to Phoenix journey.


Sadhana is giving me a tremendous does of life. Naturally as it asks me to give my life force to the practice. The reverence, to the inner deities that have made a stage for themselves in the pantheon of emulations.

The warm ups bring the spine back to life after the long breath stillness during the night. It’s a set of movements synchronized by the breath that Kundalini yogis have developed profoundly over the generations.

The first day I skipped Sadhana, choosing sleep instead, and though no distastes befell me that day, I can already feel the boost from choosing Sadhana. And in more ways, Im realizing how my own morning routine aims at the same space.

The spine is truly what’s important here. Especially at 26.

And second puberty is hitting me.


In grade school I learned the significance of a penis and the sperm produced by the body. I saw pictures of yoni (Vagina) as diagrams with cold names sitting atop arrows visually dissecting it. Fear of STD’s was encrypted into my field, not only in the classroom but also the chapel.

Reproduction and disease oh and hell!

…no pleasure…no presence…oh boy!

At the same time I felt sensation and desire in my body that shook me mentally and emotionally. My first rite of passage.

The first puberty.

The first awakening.

Alas I am so grateful for all those experiences, for it is not without them that I would be here now, allowing the knots in my mind to unravel. I bare witness to the rejuvenation of the soil when given its proper respect.

The re nutrification of my kingdom.

This second puberty echos the physical awakening of ones sex organs by sublimating the power being generated in the sacral center up the spinal column. The kundalini awakening as some call it.

It is the transcendence of our ancestors bondage, being the slave to physical sex.

The use of our upper triangle, our voice, our intuition, and our cosmic communion. The journey is ultimately an awakening of the heart.  Jing is relatable to physical energy, and as the young sperms rise through the spinal column, the pass through the heart. The ripples, shock the system in a variety of ways. Creating traumas that ultimately allow for opportunities of integral destruction for the sake of impeccable re construction.

ALAS…the rites of passage come through trauma, suffering, anguish, pain, all of these things. For the stretching of the mind is not a comfortable process, but it can still be joyful.

Many in the generation before me experienced this second awakening during their midlife crisis, a rite of passage in a series that we all are thrust into by life itself. The issue here however is that the second awakening comes before the third, and without the second as an Atunement, navigating the third is like riding a bicycle up and escalator.

In this moment, its about joy. Choosing joy and peace in every moment. Listening to the breath and allowing myself to let it all in. The spontaneous sensational awareness is invites a level of presence that is the aim of generations of alchemists. And its all already in us.

Sperm swim upstream and instead of being ejected into a vast ocean, they are allowed entry into a temple to occupy the sacred space within my own body. This process is accompanied by a restricting of my entire skeletal system and a birth of a new being at my inner council, Cocobones. My voice is coming online in such a beautiful way.

Theres a deep hunger for connection and intimacy.

For people also experiencing this second awakening.

And in so many ways, am I met.

I want nothing, and I am full to give all of me.

IN every moment.

Its not difficult.

And when there’s friction.

I allow the friction

And what follows is peace


And from peace

Joy arises.


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