Peace is always a breath away.

The mind has such strength.

One moment I’m in my center, the next I’m swirling in some disconnected fantasy, be it by the lure of wishful thinking or the erosion of old addictions and patterns chipping off into the ocean.

No matter where the mind goes.

The breath can meet it.

No matter how dark

Or light.

The elements transcend and include it all.

My blood still runs

My bones still hold fast

My fire still burns

And the air, the breath,

Still breathes me

I am a vessel of the elements

An instrument

For the souls song to be reverberated into the world

For spirits mysterious desire

I trust

I am listening

Take a breath…

Phoenix is treating me well. I’m always treated so well.

Upon arrival I was greeted by a gathering of Andrews friends who were welcoming and beautiful as ever. After some fireside introductions and laughs, we made our way to Anahata, a yoga studio down the street where Andrew and I led a powerful sound journey.

With the vibe elevated, we returned to his home and spent the evening enjoying the overflow of joy from the sound healing.

The following day consisted of some magical exploration of phoenix’s curious nature preserves, nestled in between highways and suburban neighborhoods.

The sunset was no less beautiful, though it would have been easier to tune in more fully without the freeways endless oceanic emulation. Nothing beats the real thing.

The expansiveness of life is continuing to unravel me, revealing pieces that I had thrown out long ago, accused as dilutions fantasies, now returning as gifts from Kong’s and queens in near and far countries.

What a blessing it is to be of service here in the desert, with new friends, old family, and the great mystery.

Today, we start off with sadhana (kundalini yoga [which I skipped yesterday]) at 6:30

All three brothers living in this house participate in the ritual practice.

As we breathe I feel the sense of belonging blooming, for we’re all, in our own way, coming into this world to give our breath, movement and stillness.

Breakfast is being cooked up now. And this post is at its end.

Until next time🌱

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