Emotional back log purge

It’s called that because the backups failed to be logged in real time. Theres an update wanting to happen. Not just to me though. Its all of humanity doing this. my style is with overwhelming compassion and presence.

Ive found myself in front of a hearth with a warm fire brewing and enough space to dance with my muse. She brings it all out. With courage. At my request. And she is set free. We are set free.

From the temptation of domination. Freedom from the intensity. Peace in my heart and in hers. The dance resumes. Endless.

Poetic justice is never that.

Words can never truly capture emotions the way a song can for instance. The music coming through is truly magnificent. I am humbled by the transmissions. And yet more expression is finding its way out of my stubborn fingertips and here into 1s and 0s.

The healing work is well and thriving. The hands of my students read out in every direction and bless the world. Now the opportunity to make it even more accessible arises.

Constant evolution.

Emotional calcination.

The mission continues.

Thats all for now.

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