Field trip:: Belize.3.1:: Party on Hatchet Caye

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Heres my first crack at it.

Summing up a completely mind blowing trip.

As the 3 implies, this is my third trip to Belize and was BY FAR the best.

It began as many of my recent field trips, at the airport. My beloved Leah gives me one last kiss before driving off, swallowed by the school of cars pit stopping at the terminal drop off. I swim through security and make it to my gate as I usually do, with plenty of time to spare.

4 hours later I am in Miami

5 hours later in a plane over international waters

2 hours later arriving at Belize international. Where the heat slaps you like a sweaty towel.

From the flight deck we watch a private deck dive through the skies like a falcon to disembark a load of 20 or so people. I meet many of these new friends in casual situations. One offered to buy me a beer. A few referred to me as the energy guy with curiosity shimmering in their eyes. Others with a simple “nice to meet you.”

Our taxi from the airport was a luxury converted school bus, Belize style. Which meant the old school seats had been replaced with slightly more comfortable seating and the back of the bus had been reserved for an Ice chest with the accompanying alcoholic bottles. All other aspects of the school bus remained, school bus…

Between the muddy slap of 30 year old speakers, immature road ways, an MC with several PSA’s, hands slamming on glass and metal indicating the need for a refill, and my own peaceful breath, we made it to the port with less sunlight left in the sky then we had planned for.

A 58-foot Sea Ray can seem less large next to 500-foot boats. Two of them were docked

next to our ship. It gets even less large when 22 people and their luggage join Captains Sean and William aboard the Seatoshi.

The boat comes alive with activity as the double dozen really starts to vibe. Nearly three hours till Hatchet Caye.

Its past sunset when we arrive at the island however it would have looked something like this if we it hadn’t.DSC_0115

We are greeted warmly and met with refreshing sweet locally sourced coconut water, and a tour of the island. Everyone is shown to their rooms and given a rough itinerary of the weekend. Dasha brings me back around to the same dock we arrived and happily pointed to Seatoshi.

“Ive never slept on the ocean before!”

Dinner calls the people back tot he Lionfish Grill were we enjoy Five star cuisine and company. Its over dinner that I get a feel for the people who would be receiving the healing I was hired to offer this weekend. It was heart warming to discover that many of the people had been friends since high school. It made me think of my own high school buddies and shenanigans.

There was no shortage of laughter among these people. Post dinner, I scurry about meeting more of our party and roughly scheduling sessions for the morning before turning in.

Finally a moment to rest. The ocean rocks me into a gentle sleep and my body wakes me up a minute before my alarm. My glasses instantly fog in the morning air as I step out of the galley into the cockpit. Its funny how much I missed that.

The first session begins on time at 8am. My first time using music of my own making professionally. Intentions are set and Reiki guides everything to a sweet conclusion. “Woah!” she says. Finding words are often after sessions. I find that composing an expression with enough purity and accuracy to describe the experience is like composing a masterpiece symphony. It takes practice. Nearly all my patients over the next few days would be first time composers. Lucky for us, we already have the music inside.


Three more sessions bring us to the afternoon and lunchtime. Before I know it, were back on the Seatoshi, all fitted with snorkle gear and fins headed out to Laughing Bird Caye Marine Reserve named after the laughing gull or Larus artricilla (thanks wikipedia). It’s a party the whole way there.

Word had gotten out about sessions and I was already booking. This early, I thought briefly, my mind unconsciously attached to the “book clients at dinner” plan. The cord dissolved quickly and I happily went about my day. We check out the reef through goggles and the tiny sand spot at its peak. Schools of colorful fish inhabit the coral each minding their own business gently flowing with the waves. With Pisces as a sun sign, its a motif I am constantly reminded of.

Waiting back on the main dock at Hatchet Caye is a remarkable table crowned with the color of purity. The white party had revealed itself to me, having not taken the time to review the agenda handed to me yesterday. DSC_0107

The food, as usual was top notch. The party began with a few toasts and ultimately digressed into fits of laughter as childhood friends celebrated their birthdays together. Our guest of honor shared the birthday spotlight with his best friend, with only a single day of separation. How amazing it must be to have come so far together, and still remain playful and alive.

As desert concludes the dinner with a chocolaty crescendo, members begin trickling back to the bar where Jose, Morris, Juan and the newest member of the lionfish grill, Mike make themselves busy with the mixing.

I retire early again with several sessions booked in the morning.

As I rise, again a minute before my alarm, I am greeted with a wobble that has covertly been seeping deeper into my stance. Even when as feet hit the solid dock, I am unable to shake the subtle rocking of Seatoshi. New as it was, the morning Reiki flowed with a stellar aura. After completing my booked sessions, I was met with session after session until the interest in sessions mellowed out, which was approximately 7 session deep.

Around session 3, I had the person I was working with open their eyes mid session and state, “My mind wont turn off.”

A part of me seized and curled up into a sobbing ball on the floor,

“what if he doesn’t feel it…what if he tells the others and the sessions become poisoned by this ones inability to let go…what if I dont know what Im doing…”

Cooly, I responded by sharing with him that the mind cannot be turned off or stopped and suggested that instead of trying to resist the thoughts, to speed up, and let the thoughts overwhelm him. And to remember to breathe.

I am happy to report that he awoke from the session in total awe.

“I didnt think you could do it bro. This shit really works. I thought it was bullshit but you did it. Great job man. You turned my mind off. I need this every night.”


Fully charged, we all board the dive boat with scuba gear for a handful and enough snorkel gear to accommodate the whole team. We travel to the Silk Cayes in less than ten minutes and drop off a fragment of our party on a humble island with hardly a dozen palm trees.

The rest of us gear up for lion fish hunting at 60ft.

My first attempt at spearing a lion fish was honest but lacking. The dangerous spiked fish retreated deep into the coral and out of striking range. It wasn’t until I saw another seal the deal that I was able to execute my own killing strike. They happened only seconds apart, the first lion fish hiding inside a giant barrel sponge and the other casually floating near its base.

Its bizarre how close you can get to this fish without it reacting. It must be a false sense of security endowed by the venomous spines that cover its body.  The lion fish originally comes from the Indian and Pacific oceans, where it has natural predators. It was first spotted in northern Belize in 2008 by a dive instructor on the Sundancer near the Turneffe Atolls and in Southern Belize in November of 2009, sighted by marine conservation company, ReefCI.

Spearing this invasive species is not only considered a service to the environment but also a service to the digestion, while its fins contain venom, the meat is both nutritious and tasty.

It was unfortunate that we forgot shears with which to dress the fish and after spearing the prize, we reluctantly returned it to the ocean. And by return to the ocean, I mean dive master Sean stuck his thumb in the dangerous fishes mouth and yanked it off the spear leaving the floating carcass hanging eerily in the water. The other divers took note of the hazard and kept their space.

Other fish however very quickly got to work picking apart the once apex predator, just like many prisoners turning on their single jailer given the ripe opportunity. The circle of life and death. The wheel keeps spinning.

We finish the dive and acquire our remaining party on Silk Caye and head back to Hatchet for what is shaping up to be yet another amazing night.


You’d have to see it to Belize it but unfortunately I had left my camera on Seatoshi. The Lion Fish Grill had transformed into a totally exclusive Club complete with personal DJ, Light up dance floor, humorous party favors and a masquerade madness. All of this thanks to Confetti, a Belizean event production company.

As the day turned to night, the weather churned strong winds and deep thunderous cracks far off in the distance. If it weren’t for the preparedness of our amazing staff, the whole club would have blown off into the Caribbean waters.

I decided to stick around after hours to enjoy the very rare Lion Fish Nightclub, gem of the Caribbean. I find myself groovin’ on the dance floor on my own soon after dinner. Often I find myself alone one the dance floor allowing myself time to embody the music. It takes a few songs but once Im in it, dancing becomes my meditation.Eventually I am joined by others, and soon enough, the dance floor is full. Granted the floor wasn’t very big, it was full none the less.

Its when people are in full play mode that I find them the most human. They reveal their humanity, in all its perceived weaknesses and strengths. It is a great honor to witness the transformation as a friend takes the place of a once total stranger. The let go of who they think they are and bask in the movements of being that go unacknowledged every day.

My body begins to come down from the hyper Reiki high generated that morning and I find myself back aboard my watery bed, but not before scheduling a few morning sessions to get the boat off the dock.

That morning was particularly beautiful. For several reasons. The first being that I had danced much harder than I remember. My feet remind my with a sensitivity that only comes from dancing barefoot on a salty LED dance floor. Next was the weather, which had died to a gentle breeze and spots of sunshine. Beyond that, the obvious, “I am living my dream” sets in deeper and deeper with each morning that I awake in this paradise.

I experience my reality much less consistently than most. I don’t have a regular job, let alone steady hours. No retirement plan or really plan at all for that matter. What matters most to me is that I am doing my best to live my life on my own terms. And given the circumstances, I would say I am on the right path.

Session fly by as I offer sessions to the remaining party members. With my last session of the day completed, I head for the dock to meet my beloved partner Leah who has been traveling for the last 12 hours to make it here for the last hour of this extraordinary event. She was the real reason that day was so incredibly beautiful.DSC_0150.JPG

She was pure radiance and gratitude. We toured the island, holding each other the whole way. One of the guests kindly took the liberty of introducing her to everyone during my last session which allowed me to soak in her presence undistracted. Dinner time was upon us, and so we retired to Seatoshi to freshen up, but not before we hold each other the way lovers do.

That night, a special table was set for Leah and I. The honeymoon table.

We giggled the night away, talking about the same thing we always do, how grateful we are to be where we are. If theres one thing that I have learned in my time with Leah, its that one can never be too grateful or too clear.


So much of our success has come from our ability to appreciate and communicate effectively. It becomes especially important when the skies are rough and we feel unbalanced or frustrated. That is when we get to see if our awareness of love or fear is more important to us, wether we step into the fire and let the impurity of ego burn or we cling to what we know, and remain a prisoner of our own mind.

Together we have pushed the boundary of what a relationship can feel like. More freedom and more intimacy. Less jealousy and less judgment. All love. Even in the face of fear and evil. Forever Love.

Oh and we also copped a cute polaroid selfie!

We shared a heavenly desert before checking in with the guest of honor and his wife to schedule our last official session of the weekend.

Leah and I greeted our guests to our tiny reiki nest which sat just below a crows nest that offeres a 360º view of the entire island. The room was charged from the previous 18 sessions that had taken place there in the days prior and I was confident in both my own and my partners ability to share as much Reiki with this gracious couple as they could handle.

Every session beings with setting intention. The process is brief but so incredibly powerful and necessary for all types of energy work. It’s the equivalent of using sterilized tools in a sterile room when performing surgery.

We take some time to activate some acupressure points on the soles of their feet followed by a guided breathing exercise designed to help their body surrender control completely. We then begin channeling reiki through our own bodies and out our hands into our patients.

As usual, my expectations are always exceeded when working with Reiki. Apparent or not, I have learned to trust in the unfolding of events. For instance, upon my client viciously coughing in the middle of the session, my reaction was to deflate in the wake of his now very tense body, however, I chose to trust the moment and continue the session.

Its never truly clear how you will accomplish something until you go about accomplishing it. Even when theres a plan, so often the moment will take the wheel, confining your plan to the co-pilot position. After the session, we have a chance to talk about his experience. I ask about the coughing and what follows is another testament to the intelligence of Reiki.

One cannot “do” receiving. Doing is limited to simple things such as doing the laundry, doing your taxes, doing yoga. None of those things however involve receiving, and unfortunately, when it comes to receiving, so many of us take it for granted.

After doing the laundry, we are allowed to wear clean clothes.

After doing taxes, we are allowed to enjoy the benefits of living in a free country.

After doing yoga, we are allowed to experience a fuller range of motion, less pain, more connection with our self and our breath, less judgment…(the benefits of yoga exceed that of laundry of taxes only by a little bit~)

Wiley walace 2
Painting by Wiley Wallace

During a session, the person receiving Reiki is allowed to experience all the “doing” that their mind and body uses to restrict receiving. This new level of awareness allows the patient to modify their mind and body while their brain is in a highly impressionable state due to the deep state of relaxation facilitated by their healer.

The cough indicated an attachment to “doing” masterfully camouflaged in a noble quality, that quality being generosity. It is true, that when you raise your vibration, all elements of your life have a choice between synchronization and dissolution.

Given a sudden and exponential rise in ones life, it is normal for the individual to want all the components of their life to synchronize. Nobody likes to say goodbye to something they consider good and comfortable. Alas as life flows through us, we may resist it all we want, but just as water follows gravity to the ocean, so too does life follow law in connecting us to our highest and best good.

He leaves the island with a powerful trust in life and the value of investing into his own well being. It sets a tremendous example for those all those around him who experienced Reiki as a result of his generosity. It was not him who was offering the sessions, he expertly commissioned someone who specializes in the art of energy healing to offer the simple choice to his guests.

Synchronise or dissolve.

The same choice that he faced.

Synchronise or dissolve.

We must all offer ourselves to the purifying fire of death, either at the end of our physical life, in which the ego we have so preciously architected suffers a prolonged burn as the attachments we attempt to hold dissolve as illusions do, or with every single breath, in which we become free through presence. This moment offers you that choice, synchronize with presence, or dissolve with illusion.

I encourage all to choose presence.

And I do so with the conviction that, to the degree that I am consciously aware, I choose synchronization every single time.


For my new friends, the journey ends here. Aboard the Seatoshi, they wave goodbye to Hatcht Caye as the horizon swallows it until their next voyage to Belize.

I am beyond grateful for this professional experience, and although my demeanor is almost always cool and collected, an explosion of excitement consumes my mind as the many paths of my future gleam with the waves, with the wind, and with each sacred breath.

What follows in Belize.3.2 will account for our journey to the humble fishing village of Plasencia, the deep jungle of the Cayo district, the ancient mayan city Xunantinich, and finally our return to Hatchet Caye.

Stay tuned for Belize.3.2 :: Honeymooning in Belize!



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