Mid March, I quest to Las Vegas for what I believe to be my third #reikilasvegas #fieldtrip

Returning to the desert to sharpen my steel with Master Matt. What is written is so, this trip has proven that saying so.

To perfect this first log, I am entering information relevant to my own experience with reiki. In a way it feels like a virus that has infected me and becomes more contagious and mutative as time progresses naturally.

Reiki is beginning to express itself in more playful manners.

First during a midnight hike of a new moon. Young brothers invoking fire magic at a crossroad. The soil was fertile like the mind.

Second to the sound of flute and drum.

backstory:: During a scenic trip to the west side of the Grand Canyon our entourage enjoyed a great wonder of the world. As a true master of negotiation, Master Matt could hardly contain himself upon walking into the gift shop on the hualapai Grand Canyon reservation. A humble display of High Spirit Flutes caught my watchful eye and soon, Matt was engaged in a playful duel with the staff. An hour and several hilarities ignited by Master Matt, the flute was mine.

A finely crafted double flute in the key of “A” with Twin Hawk fetishes.

Merlin, my current flute gifted to me by the dearest woman I know, has a brother.

I found myself again among human brothers. Young guests of Matt who quickly earned my friendship and trust.

The Twin Hawk found itself in the hands of an observant sweet sixteen in Vegas for spring break and Merlin guided the weary hands of a strong hearted brother. Master Matts Djembe lay beneath my beating hands as we participated in the ceremony of sound…

of giving and recieving

of seeing and being seen

of listening and fluting!

My new friends

I felt the reiki flowing deep inside them.

Apart from this refreshing and playful development in Reiki’s expression, an influx of colors continues to infect the consciousness of my patients.

It is common for patients of mine to see deep purple, sometimes appearing as billowing smoke, other times collapsing into geometric shapes. My mind immediately begs the question if Reiki can be used to induce psychedelic states of being. Indeed that power is within mans ability unto himself.

“What do the colors mean?”

My truest desire is that each of us reclaim the capability to educate our selves from within. I describe the visuals as glimpses of reality, the reality with no limits.

In the same way that the healing of music is best felt when you are aligned with the instrument, a steady personal reflection is recommended to align ones self with the instrument of Reiki. Or rather, becoming a truer instrument for Reiki. In this truth, acknowledging that our potential does not exceed our reach. We can become what we know and only what we know, believing is simply not enough.

My confidence in Reiki has grown to unknown heights as a direct result of this phenomenon. The visual experience becomes a metaphysical milestone and in addition to the physical healing of deep relaxation, these treatments are growing in value exponentially.

Let me explain

In subjecting myself to multiple treatments back to back, I have discovered another curious quality of Reiki.

With each successive session offered, my experience is that the channel of Reiki (in this case being myself) becomes wider to offer a stronger flow of Reiki. Logically, I am in a continual trance like state which allows me to become empty more swiftly and gracefully. That state of flow engages a very powerful ego who is primordaly adept in the subtle art of psychic surgery, precision energy work.

I trust that ego to perform as an elite instrument of Reiki.

In conclusion, I will begin experimenting with back to back sessions with the intention of gaining more clarity on these curious findings.

P.S. This is information that I would generally scribe in a journal however if my true aim is to decentralize knowledge and I believed that my writing had value, It would logically follow that those writings are disclosed to the public. Reiki Ho

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