Field Trip :: Hatchet Caye, Belize 2.1

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Its been a dream of mine since I started this healing journey to offer reiki to the worlds most successful and influential people. I know in my heart, that by awakening the seed of self awareness in the hearts and minds of the economic 1% of the world we can redefine wealth with more than currency.

My purpose on Hatchet Caye was to hold space for a handful of VIP guests and offer Reiki treatments through out the stay.

I will begin by expressing my immense gratitude for being alive in a time where this type of work is not only possible, but encouraged. It is my ultimate pleasure to give up all the glory to the teacher.

Getting there…

From San Diego, Belize is a combined 6 hours of airtime with stops in Houstion international, Belize city, and finally a humble airstrip less than a mile north of the fishing village of Plasencia.

The town is sandwiched on both sides by gulf waters. A single unpaved road leads in and out. Nearly everyone there is related. I hear, “this is my cousin/nephiew/brother/niece” practically every time our dive master Shaun introduces us to another local.

The vibe in the village is like the lagoon, humble in the surface with vibrance teeming just below. The land swallows the skeletons of old boats and cars, aging yet colorful homes line the rough roads tucked away between overgrown mangroves, young children mob playfully in packs here and there, the police casually strike up conversations and laugh with the tourists. Its a relic of a time when we lived more simply.

A thin sidewalk runs parallel to the beach surrounded by restaurants, crafty treasure shops, mini resorts, and fishing/diving tours. You can find locals drinking, playing volleyball, and groovin at Barefoot and the Tipsy Tuna, but only on the weekends. Weeknights are relatively sparse.

Beyond the technicolor village exist a handful of beachfront resorts at various stages of development. Massive chucks of beachfront property are being bought up by foreign investors with plans for both personal and commercial use. The real estate market is still reminiscent of the gold rush, ready to gush for whoever is making the true effort. The growth shows no sign of slowing.

Plasencia is often compared to Cabo san lucan or Cancun before the resorts, and experience, became horribly saturated. Some would think that Plasencia is headed down this road however choose to Belize in a brighter future for Plasencia…

The island…

The mid day waters were calm as we arced the southern peninsula of Plasencia. Our vessel, ‘Seatoshi’ a 58 foot SeaRay, cut through the water smoothly, effortlessly living up to its reputation.  Everything is perfect, from the music right down the chips and dip.

We were graced by a playful of our bow. As DJ, I claim that it was my music selection that brought these majestic beings to us. A fine way to begin our island experience none the less.

I am fully aware of the joyful energies these animal totems offered us and feel confident in my ability to anchor that vibration for our guests.

Suddenly, Hatchet Caye appears on the horizon.

Shaun whips the massive boat 180 degrees while a party of smiling faces line the dock, ready to help us with our luggage. Antonio welcomes us with a tray of fresh coconut water gathered from trees on the island while Dasha, our angelic manager, gives our guests a tour of the humble yet luxurious island. The energy rises even higher as each of our four guests begin to breath that sweet island air.

The entourage gathers later that evening at the Lionfish Grill for dinner. Its like being at a 5 star restaurant on the Las Vegas strip only you’re in the middle of the ocean. All of the bartenders come from a small village in Belize called The Valley of Peace which was founded by four El Salvadorian families fleeing civil war. Today the simple village is 7,000 strong and growing. Two of those bartenders are blood brothers (I told you everyone is related).

After enjoying a mouthwatering serving of lobster and the intellectual feast presented by top tier businessmen, we concluded dinner and made our way to the east dock where spotted eagle rays often congregate.


The magic of these creatures is indescribable. Our island is neither a mating or feeding ground for these creatures however they continue to visit us night after night.

On that dock, I make a life changing agreement…

The next day I woke early and channeled reiki for two of our guests. Both sessions were incredibly powerful in their own way and set a solid tone for the rest of the day. After breakfast, we gathered up some diving equipment under the watchful guidance of our dive master Shaun and captain William.

Less than fifteen minutes by boat is Silk caye, a tiny island with no more than ten palm trees, a crumbling grilling space, and a small outhouse. The petite sand dune was dotted with happy snorkelers enjoying the sunshine and grilled pineapple. I fancied a walk around the island while the rest of our crew received their first scuba lesson.

The group had earned the right to experience real dive according to Shaun. Fifteen minutes later, our boat was rocking above the north wall just south of the Great Belize Barrier Reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world.

We suited up and rolled off the sides of the boat entering the crystal blue water. Visibility was easily over 50ft. Below us was a zoo of coral and fish life. I began my descent eagerly, conscious not to dive too quickly and upset the pressure balance of in body. Halfway down I hear the signature rattle of our dive master.

A sharp signal rippled up my spine as Shaun held his hand to his forehead like a dorsal fin indicating a shark as close. A big shark, which he also indicated via hand signal. Just beyond him I can see one of our guests, the very guest I had such a powerful session with not five hours earlier. And just beyond him a fully grown 12-foot hammerhead shark lurks into vision. The massive animal curiously investigates us for a minute or so before powering off into unseen waters.

The dive continues as planned with one of our guests completely oblivious of the encounter, having already made it to the reef below. This was easily a dream dive for any diver, how fortunate that our friends were able to experience this as their first real diving experience. Upon reaching the reef, I was greeted by an animated ecosystem. The coral here is pristine, massive untouched soft coral fans dance in the waves while a trio of angelfish the size of my head cross the foreground. Lobster antenna stick out from under the rocks. An eel with its frightening sharp and displayed teeth occupies the inside of a large grail shaped coral. A school of brilliant blue fish surround me as the dive comes to a close. They envelop me in a spiral of life. My eyes close to allow my subtle senses to receive energetic input. It is beauty beyond words.

Collectively we ascend and board one by one, the hot topic of course, our guests face to face interaction with death.

“I felt totally calm and centered. I was not afraid at all. We were one. I conquered death this morning in my session with Marco.”

I am chanting my teachers praise internally all while absorbing his pure response and witnessing him in his power. I am made giddy by his reaction, we all agree that it was the reiki and laugh the whole way to “the channel.” It’s the safest way to reach the open ocean and as such is a feeding ground thanks to the chum left behind by passing fishing boats who use the channel to clean their catch. This practice attracts turtles and nerf sharks which come by the dozen. Even just the pounding of bare feet on the hull attract quite a crowd.

We snorkel with the mellow sharks and friendly turtles offering one of our guests the opportunity to capture even more footage with his go pro. We return to the island and are back at the Lionfish Grill in less than twenty minutes. We stuff our faces and split for some time alone.

I take my time wandering back to the room enjoying the scenic route, which I have discovered is every route on the island. I gather my poi and explore the island solo, searching for a gate to spin on. My search brings me back to the Lionfish grill where my first Reiki client of the day was enjoying a drink at the bar.

Before I know it, my poi are lit and a videographers vision is being realized. Taking a break from the drink my new friend directs a slow motion shoot of my fire poi against a deep setting sun. We bond over the creative process, my fire and his lens. It is a beautiful moment that leads us to a conversation regarding a beautiful concept that he refers to as “universe moments,” divinely architected synchronicities that inspire a deep trust in the universe and its unquestionable position to provide.

And here I fulfill the agreement that changed my life…

We raided the dive shop for dive lights, snorkel gear, and spring suits, hauling them out to the east dock where the Spotted eagle rays gather. Discretely, we enter the water and at once I am surrounded on all sides by Rays. They glide effortlessly around me as I jubilantly light up their bodies with my powerful little light. We get more footage and just as the dip wraps up, my partner suggests a final sweep with the hopes of finding an octopus, his favorite animal.

In less than ten seconds, as if on demand, the most perfect blue octopus walks into our vision. He is no bigger than my hand and expresses elements of divinity as he manipulates the color of his skin. We roar through our snorkels sparking curiosity in rest of our party who had come to witness their nature crazy friends. I toss my mask up as if to invite them to join and with a bit of teamwork, they are able to dunk one masked head in the water, enabling a fine view of our eight limbed friend. Laughter presented through snorkels is indeed a funny thing.

The night ends with a deep aura of magic and a refreshed faith in the mystery of life.

The next morning I rise early to meet two more of our vip guests spending about an hour and a half with each. They both rise from the table refreshed, relaxed, and smiling.

We gather for one last breakfast at the Lionfish grill before bidding our guests farewell. A helicopter lands like a hurricane and powers down to allow our friends safe boarding. As the roar of the engine rises to a boil, I cant help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude. Not only did I show up fully and without expectation, but the results garnished superseded my wildest dreams. I would leave this island, not only a more confident and capable healer, but a more loving and fierce friend.

My dear friend, Matt, and I enjoy a swim around the island and dinner “local style” with Shaun and the rest of our “Pirate reef” crew. That night I surrendered to the most peaceful rest of my life, conviction expanding with each serene breath.

The next morning I had the opportunity to trade a reiki healing for a much needed massage. She rose from the healing speaking the words, “Where were I?” We both laughed and embraced. Next I channeled reiki for Dasha, the woman behind Hatchet Caye. This, being our second session together, was insightful as it was visual. all of which I elaborate on in the second part of this field trip report.

Matt and I took our meals to go, enjoying the fruits of our labor on the Seatoshi. We shoot ideas back and forth, steel sharpening steel, elevating the vibration through celebration and refinement. It is such a pleasure and to work one so kind and generous as Matt. It will forever be a moment that I look back on fondly, the day my mentor and I pulled off the most epic reiki island experience.

To be continued in part 2…

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  1. Gah!!! So magical!! I love this so much 💖 I’ve dreamt of I siting Belieze someday and your writing makes me want to get there. The combo of reiki and the sea. So perfect. Thank you so much for sharing this! 🌸


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