I know myself through my senses.

I can see light, smell beauty, hear harmonies, touch you, and feel pain…

I know myself though my senses in time.

I saw darkness, I smelled roses, I heard symphonies, I touched you, and I felt pain

I know myself though the stories about those senses in time.

I chose balance, I followed courage, I answered love, I embraced you, and I am


At what point does it become virtual?

The stories are certainly virtual. Every word in every sentence of every phrase of every story we know is virtual. Handed down to us like a basic human right, a gift to navigate this virtual world.

What you can sense is virtual. Electrical impulses surf the nervous system delivering circulating information back through the main CPU. Our incredible brain.

And if we allow a subscription to belief that life is already completely virtual, then we are allowed an orientation with which to hack out virtual reality.

Your DNA is the code of this Real Reality we all agree upon. But within each of our awareness, is our own egoic virtual overlay. It is thus, an augmented reality that hour human experience can be summed up as.

Real reality, with our own VR experience serving as the navigation system.

Our DNA contains the instructions for writing the code of life itself. That fact is proven flawlessly in man’s ability to fertilize woman and her ability to birth. But new life is not confiend to the real reality version of a childs birth.

Can it be used also to describe when a human has let go of their self in order to fully experience them Self’s? capitol S. Their Reiki? That same Reiki.

Your code is not only learnable.

But it is writeable, and rewritable.

therein is its true gold.

Find out for yourself…

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