Reiki:: 22nd century healing 1.1

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It was one of Usui Sensi’s students that further developed Reiki and planted the seed for western dissemination. This spread happened as the result of Takata Sensei and her lineage of which I am a proud member.

With each Reiju [atunement] performed, there is an opening created for the initiate to fill that space with their own personal journey of unification with the universe. For it is true that Reiki is a universal project with one architect expressed as many avatars. As each avatar [practitioner] discovers their inner world they take a step towards the universal Reiki, a force that seeks vivaciously to Serve this enlightened avatar.

It is a dance between channel and source. Of which we have the great honor to participate in.

The expression of reiki that I was first exposed to belongs to my teacher, Marisa and relies heavily on the teachings of Takata Sensei. Since receiving the title of master I have always described it as a maturing of style, in that, the practitioner has reached a high level of self awareness and thus fully unlocked a personal channel or connection to the universal Reiki.

I have fused my passion for music, meditation, and martial arts to alchemize a personal practice that offers me unlimited access to Reiki for the fulfillment of my own personal mission. This mission being deeply rooted in the collective healing of self. In short, Love is my religon and Truth is my weapon.

In learning of the “Gakkai” of 1975, the original reiki society consisting of Usui Sensei and four of his own personally initiated Shinpiden [Reiki Masters], the further development of reiki by Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, and even further development by Takata Sensei who received her Reiju from Hayashi Sensi, lends me to believe that the very Reiki Rhyoho [curing therapy] is alive and evolving.

It is as if a benevolent virus woke inside Usui Sensei those many years ago on Kurama yama during his fast, a virus that sleeps in all of us. That force being excellently suited for each individuals’ fulfillment, its modus operandi, to allow one access to Shofuku no Hiho [the secret method to invite happiness] and Manbyo no Reiyaku [The miraculous remedy/ elixir for all diseases].

The practice of reiki, healing with hands, is permitted by life itself and can be accessed by anyone at all. The spiritual development that accompanies the practice is where Usui Sensei’s system of Reiki holds such a strong foundation. He states that,

“The training according to the natural law of this whole world developed human spirituality, When you are convinced of this Truth, your committed training brings about the unification with the universe.”

That sounded pretty good to me when I heard it for the first time.

Although it was said to me in different words, the message was still very clear. It was by making my own reiki, resonate with the reiki of the universe that I would achieve True Inner PEACE.

Thus, becoming aware of the Reiki inside me absorbed my full attention. The use of various meditations, visualizations, breath work, yoga, all modalities of healing in fact.

all modalities of art in fact

all expressions

all reactions

all of it

just all of it

It became clear to me that my own internal Reiki could be guided by that universal Reiki if only I let it.

And so I let it.

and I feel it working through me a Reiki fit for the 22nd century of humanity…



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