I did it.

Its really easy to do. Its also easy not to do.

Dropping out of Humboldt fixed my outer world, but nothing could free me from that consuming inner prison. Our first session bewitched me. I needed more, not an escape from reality but an accepting of what is.

I abandoned many of the videos I deemed “woke” and turned my attention towards more fruitful sources, experience being the main teacher.

Reiki is truly a simple practice. Applied regularly, the philosophy alchemizes depression and transmutes anxiety into joy and pure freedom.

The road is often bumpy at the base of the mountain. There are a lot of twists and turns. But this is a road of your own making. Always there is the firmness beneath you and the air in your lungs. You are unquestionably supported.

I have faith that remembering reiki is the key to its application. The labyrinth of your mental emotional body can be solved with precious presence and unconditional love.

Straight to the point. Taken. Always.

Because truth is truth.


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