There’s a place between my body and the center of the universe. I go there when I sleep. But when I wake up, sometimes I am still there.

It’s not cold there but it isn’t warm either. It’s not comfortable, nor is it uncomfortable.

I often rewatch moments of my life from this faraway place. To witness my little self here on earth crying. Or self sabotaging. Or running. Or fighting.

Always always I see the clear solution from that space. But I seldom choose it from within the body. Perhaps the reasons these certain pieces are “under review.”

There’s a theme of course.

What would i choose

little i. Considering that the Big I is always sitting in the place between here and there. Always watching. Always able to see the clear solution.

What influence does that place have on me? Why does it seem so far away? Why do i wake up some days still in that place, watching my body move through the day on autopilot? How do i connect the dots?

It must be some lesson of course. Something i will undoubtedly understand in the future and use as a finely crafted tool.

But until that day comes. It remains to me very much a mystery this place. i wonder if there are any others, perhaps sitting very close to me, but invisible.

My brothers and sisters also watching, also foregoing judgment until they are forced back into their body my movement or digestion or their alarm clock.

Sometimes even those things don’t wake me. It’s far from depressing. Though sometimes it’s not. I have faith that this web of love is radiant with purpose.

Maybe one day wars will be fought from this place, and I will have had the most practice.

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