How would you go about getting to know yourself?

Watch and observe, of course. 

All the things you do reveal a self. If you go to the gym you are fit. If you eat well you are healthy. If you work hard you are rich.

But this is not the true Self. 

Capital S. 

Beyond yourself, is something much more grandeur than you can even imagine…

So what happens when you do nothing?

What can you watch?

What do you see?

Darkness hopefully, meditation is properly done with the eyes completely shut. Spine erect and aligned. Awareness of the body and breath. 

What arises? 

Is it working?

Oh no that’s a thought?

This is where most people start to loose it.

Am I doing this wrong?

I must be doing this wrong, I can’t stop thinking.

That was another thought oh no!

Oh I’m so stupid…

And plunge.

Kindness is learned through patience. Particularly the self.

Often thoughts will arise in meditation for the sole purpose of attempting to detour your practice.

They cannot however, no matter how strong, rip strong will from the practice of meditation. 

We meditate to befriend our mind

So that it becomes a loyal friend.

Instead of a cruel master.

All that’s left to say about meditation is do it.

There is no way to do it wrong.

There are techniques and ways to enhance the intensity, but always arise out of meditation. 

And so you may begin today with 10 minutes of silence. 

If you are in a chair or on the floor. Hold yourself like a tree.

Spine tall and jaw loose. 

Notice the breath. The movements of your ribs and their expansion. And collapse.

And re-awaken 10 minutes later.

Set a timer if you please.

Practice and study.

But practice.

Knowledge begets greed when it is not applied.

If you will have my suggestion concerning proper meditation techniques void of religious taint, the clarivision school of meditation founded by Dr. Samuel Sagan created a manual dubbed, “awakening the third eye.”

Continuing this conversation of meditation. I am seeking to connect with those who want more meditation in their life. Reach out. I have time for divinity and leave plenty of room for miracles. 

Peace for now 🕊

One Reply to “Meditation 1”

  1. Today I discovered your page via Instagram.
    I am grateful to have come across your webpage!!
    I am drawn to your energies and I feel positive vibes when reading your articles. I would love to learn as much as possible about Reiki I ultimate goal is to one day become a Reiki Master.
    Sending lots of light and Love.


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