Archive Entry 2: Modality 1: Reiki 1


Reiki is life.

A healer is someone so full of life that their presence resonates so profoundly, simply being in that presence promotes wellness.

Truth be told…

we all channel reiki,

all the time.

So do plants and animals, it’s no mystery why your loving pets and prized plants have healing effects.

The sacred intention of reiki is for truth and love and nothing else.

It’s what separates the healers from the “normal people.”

This intention is how healers in every belief system have demonstrated the miracle of wellness. In BECOMING this intention, the healer holds a frequency in which all bodies vibrate. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies synchronize with the healer’s intention, thus sparking the process of purification or “healing.”


Marco leading a Reiki share workshop at Tribe Family Gathering


Then the body is allowed to heal itself.

Relaxed and supported.

Safe and whole.

Loved and true.


Reiki Certification and Atunement instructs the initiate to experience holding this intentional portal open, wide open.


They begin by learning to hold it for themselves.

“Self-love. Stupid important, this, Self-love.”
Then are invited to share their fullness with others.

While remaining respectful and aware of the vast and saturated subtleties of energy healing.

Now, what could someone so full of love and truth offer you?

What could you offer yourself if you were so full of life?

So full of Reiki.

Compassion is the enterprise of reiki. To gracefully hold space for those suffering and celebrating, and all the experiences in between, even when that someone is you!
Take some time to ponder the questions I posed. Write them down somewhere and get a glimpse at what your spirit is calling in for you.


Experience reiki

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