Archive Entry 1: Avatar 1: Marco Muhlbach 1

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More Medicine


Baptized and introduced to GOD through the Roman Catholic Church.

St. Pius X.

I Cried while reading a letter from my father during confirmation camp.

Confirmed in the eyes of the Church under the name St. Vladamir.

Mostly as a joke.


Fell in love the summer before college



From San Diego to the Humboldt forrest and its state funded University

Alone for the first time

Writing left

Medicine from the earth came, unraveling the walls, opening the mind to god

Authentic god

Writing came back


University is behind me now

The road is ahead

If I dont watch my feet

Ill just start down the road


But I am still sick from the zeitgeist, the conspiracy and the poison.

What sword can I raise to such evil?


Earth, humanity is lost

Swallowed by sin


Can god return?

My logical mind would wonder


No answer, just more problems and questions

Can I breathe now?



More medicine please


Mother tells me about this reiki master named Marissa.

She asks me to speak with her

We laugh on the phone

She invites me to her office

And plants a seed.

She helped me water it and tune in.

Her compassion revealed my healing

Through Reiki I put my mind back into the learning of light

And parted with the darkness of knowing.

Spreading poison with your knowing.

I started listening




And healing


And myself [others]


My heart was broken


I put the energy into my body






Growing restless


Groaning for motion





Many lovers

One at a time disapointing my expectations

Removing expectations

Grattitde beginning to flow

Growing in love

Shedding skins

Shedding cancerous energies

Shedding My Self

Over and over again


Work in the desert

A Tribe Family Gathering

Darkness at the inn

Light in the temple

Josuha tree sunrises are an inter cosmic dance


Vegas calls

A month I spend

With a wealthy, connected, and well spoken friend

Channeling reiki


The Festivals call is loud

I dance through the crowds and find more lovers

The wind blows me away

I resist but land in unexplored spaces

And follow my nature


Another Tribe Family gathering stirs

It’s grown

The vision and the people

Its overgrown and has a spirit of its own

Collecting and expanding from the Home of the Heart


A spark is rekindled

Love discovered


Lover and loving christalizing

Dancing and thunder

Grace beyond wonder

Flows from the depths

Endless flows



Grandmothers medicine

But first Vegas

With my lover

As a healer

For the archive


It was then that i realized that he archive project each humand leaves behins, a collection of their buildings connections and favor. Their reknown. The gravity of influence that they continue to resonate from beyon the physical bodily fleshy decomposable breakable forms. Purely in spirit. How to preserve spirit comes in many ways. Mostly creative with logically enhanced technologies that allow for more clear creative expression. And heree we are at the channeling of knolwedge from the astral into the physical. As it has always been done. Some ewokrs made famous by attatching the authro god to the manuscript. Channeled stragiht from above. Well how about below. What about the chaos in the depths. Is there not wisom for us in the darkness? Pherhaps those spaces are only for the brave among us who believe in theit connection to light. Unafraid of the darkness because each step they take breeds light. Every space they invade is illuminated. Thunder straikes. And graceful rain follows to wash away the drit.


Too much egoo


We ride these waves gracefully as we can. But when we let go, this is when true grace is allowed to posess our bodies and offer god manifesto. Let it be so that when the body is empty that only truth and love shall emanate and find hommage within. All other forces are banished.


A Reiki lifestyle become more and more clear.

It is made clear by a loves compassion

And my demonstration of compassion.

Intentions wholly expressed and recieved

Clarity and joy


Work flows in sin city

Flow brings me back to the home of the heart

For more medicine…


More medicine.

Grandmother, with your wisdom. I am ill, though I know not how much. By your grace I am allowed to sit here with you and gaze into your mouth. I receive your blessings and your purge. We are family, I am blood and flesh of your own. We are of the earth and its partners the sun and moon. We love deeply and wish for nothing but you to wrap your heart ams around uss. Fill us with your love and let us overflow planting god in the soil our feet stomp. Let us dance and sing in the wind for our song will be carried off into the stars for the whole universe to witness. All things made are shared and my body is ready to feel truly alive.


The thunderwand finds my hand.

Through the opening of my own heart.

My lineage smiles in the wake of my mystery.

I am allowed any moment.

In all time.

Any moment.

Now will forever be the most appropriate choice.


The dieta is broken, the night before ceremony.

More sacredness is breached.

Skull pressure

Yogic release

The archive comves to me

As I fold over my legs

I start up laughing

Or crying

I release into the movements and flow.


Pictures follow.


And writing.


And an archive entry.


The first archive enrty.


Of people for the people.

Lives for the living.

On living.

You are alive…

One Reply to “Archive Entry 1: Avatar 1: Marco Muhlbach 1”

  1. Ilt was a pleasure to meet you, your mother Lorna & the family. I reading your writing s and thoughts. I am enjoying it. Thank you for the brief back healing. I could feel the changes in my breathing. I will read and learn more. If you ever have sessions in Las Vegas, please let me know. Once again…Thank you!


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